Chord sheets for folk instruments coming soon...

Jim Harper Designs Chord Sheet DiagramJim Harper Designs is producing a new line of chord sheets for stringed folk instruments. Basic chord sheets, which have the most commonly used chords in folk music, are great for beginning players. Each chord is shown in full color, with fingering notations. Chords include major, minor and 7th chords for all the steps in the C diatonic scale. The chord sheets are printed on heavy weight stock, and laminated for taking anywhere.

On the back of every sheet are guides to reading musical notes, understanding time signatures, and deciphering the sharps and flats which denote keys. The chord sheets are being produced for guitar, banjo, and mandolin, with chord sheets soon to be available for mountain dulcimer and ukelele.

Also coming soon are advanced chord sheets for the intermediate player, with a wider range of chords including major, minor, 7th, and minor 7th chords for all the steps in the chromatic scale. Online ordering will be available.


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