Set your products and services apart with consistent messaging through all media.

Marketing your business or non-profit means, first, creating and maintaining a unified image—in both words and images—to your potential audience. Creating a logo is often the first step. Once the logo has been finalized, the next task is to build a brand image utilizing your logo as a unifying element. A consistent graphic style across all advertising platforms (website, email, social media, printed marketing pieces, and more) is essential to help start linking your potential audience with your brand.

What message do you want to convey to your potential customers? High quality, low cost, free services, community support? What are your products and/or services, and what are their target markets? These are questions that a marketing professional can help you answer. From that flow the plans for successful marketing campaigns.

Jim Harper Designs works with each client to provide just what is needed from a single graphic to a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs. Advertising and promotion programs, press releases, signage, emails, websites, and more can be built into creating coordinated marketing campaigns that fit both your goals and your budget.

For examples of our work across all media and message types (including some examples of articles published in the press for clients), visit our Graphic Designs page.


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