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Graphic design and marketing services for small businesses, non-profits, and more.

Since the days when "cut and paste" meant using an X-acto knife and rubber cement to place design elements on a poster board, to the latest in digital design and HTML, Jim Harper has created great advertising pieces for clients large and small. Providing graphic design and marketing services to businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and self-employed individuals in New York State and beyond.

Working in both in hardcopy and digital realms, Jim Harper Designs specializes in logo design, print advertising, online advertising, and web sites. See examples of our work below.


A logo is the first step in creating your brand's identity.

The designer and client work together when creating a new logo for a brand. A number of initial designs are prepared to get client feedback and explore options. Logos can be brand new...
...or they can be a fresh take on an existing logo design.
Brochures and rack cards are a great way to advertise your venue. A well-designed brochure will stand out and quickly call attention. They can be an important part of your advertising mix.
Posters and flyers can be perfect advertising mediums for places that people pass daily and areas where you see people congregating regularly.
Postcards and letters are a way to target your audience with a marketting piece that will have their attention from the moment the open their mailbox.
Newspapers and magazines are still a source of information for people. A publication with a good circulation to your target market can reach out to far more people for far less cost than direct mail or television.
These days there is no better way to reach your potential customers than right through their computers and phones. Whether through electronic newsletters, social media posts, or website ads, there are many different ways to reach out. Each of these mediums often has unique requirements for ad shapes, sizes, and content. We have the experience and knowledge to provide the perfect match for each medium.
Websites are the hub of your presence online. They allow you to go into great detail about all facets of what makes your business or non-profit special. Your website can be your brand ambassador and allow you to sell products, and market your brand, to new audiences all around the world. Clean design and bold graphics can keep visitors on your site, while clear, uncluttered hierarchies allow people to reach the topic of their interests quickly.
While initial costs can be intimidating, radio and television ads can put your products in front of audiences you might not reach through print or electronic advertising.

Here is a 15 second spot done for broadcast on a Public Television station in the Spring of 2020:
Besides websites, many customers prefer to keep paper-based catalogs and sales sheets for reference when making a purchasing decision. Increase accessibility by including pdf versions of your catalogs online.
Jim’s experience ranges from simple black and white ads all the way to designing entire publications.
The production of this Fundraising Products Guide included additional design work beyond just the layout of the publication. Sales sheets to attract potential advertisers, return forms for companies to sign up for slots, and a custom-designed database were also created. The database design allowed both the quick inputting of the returned forms and pre-formated output right into InDesign to speed production.
Unadilla Laminated Products Structures magazine was created to keep in touch with architects looking to use their structural products.
Companies and non-profits use annual reports as a marketing tool to help generate investment in their organization. A good annual report shows not only where the organization has been, but where it is aiming to go in the future.
In addition to fine art photography, Jim has experience in product, portrait, nature, and event photography.








Taking a great photograph is only one step in gettting the perfect image for your promotion. Jim has the skills needed to do photo corrections, retouching, and compositing. Here is an example.



Original supplied photograph
Owl original photo



Background removed and branch extended
Owl with background removed



Photo brightened and corrected
Owl brightened



New background placed
New background placed
Jim is skilled with illustrating utilizing media ranging from pen & ink to the latest design software.
Make your visitors welcome with clear, detailed maps.
First impressions on the store shelf can make the difference. Boxes, tags, labels, and shelf tags can all help close the sale.
A lot goes into creating a visually appealing and informative design for music CD covers. Jim works to printers’ specifications for the artwork that goes both on the wrapper cover and the CD itself.
Give your audience a way of taking your brand and message with them.
Help your audience find you and know where to go with indoor and outdoor signage, promotional banners, and trade booth artwork.
Jim’s background and skill in sculpture has led to creating products for candle industry.

There is more to marketing than just providing a client with a high-quality logo. Jim Harper Designs works with each client to provide just what is needed from a single graphic to a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs. Advertising and promotion programs, press releases, signage, emails, websites, and more can be built into creating coordinated marketing campaigns.

Here are samples of recent published pieces produced for just one client.



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