Functional Art 

Beyond the beauty of the form...  

Jim Harper has training in many media and creates artwork that is both beautiful and functional. He has recently been doing product designs for a candle company including floral and animal-shaped candles.

The marriage of form and function which Jim Harper creates in his jewelry and metalwork reflects both his sculptural background as well as his training as a jeweler. Like his sculpture, Harper's jewelry and other functional metalwork shows his strong sense of line. Compound curves, sharp edges, soft voluminous forms, and abrupt changes in direction create a contrapuntal harmony of form and line.

Add to that his pride in creating pieces that are not just for show, but also for practical use. His favorite material is silver, but he also works often in copper, brass, and bronze. He is now beginning to include more of his lamp-worked glass into his pieces. Many pieces also include stones and/or wood in the design.


RaisedBowl-1972-JimHarper Raised bowl
1972, bronze, brass, and wood
Small-Rose-JimHarper Small Rose
Candle design for Sunbeam Candles
Owl-JimHarper Owl
Candle design for Sunbeam Candles
Large-Rose-JimHarper Large Rose
Candle design for Sunbeam Candles
Lotus-JimHarper Lotus
Candle design for Sunbeam Candles

Jim Harper Designs

Jim Harper Designs

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