Exploring the light.

Jim works mainly in oil pastels, and is currently working on new pieces for his Night Light series.


ShrubRose-OilPastel-JimHarper2010 Shrub Rose
2010, oil pastel
CityAtSunset-OilPastel-JimHarper2010 City at Sunset
2010, oil pastel
FirstLight-OilPastel-2000-JimHarper2010 First Light
2010, oil pastel
FlowerVillage2012JimHarper Flower Village
2012, oil pastel
BromeliadBlossomII-OilPastel-JimHarper2010 Bromeliad Blossom II
2010, oil pastel
NightLightStudy1-OilPastel-JimHarper2001 Night Light Study No. 1
2001, oil pastel
Iochroma-OilPastel-JimHarper2010 Iochroma
2010, oil pastel
SunsetOverTheWater-OilPastel-JimHarper2004 Sunset Over the Water
2004, oil pastel
NutsInACrock-OilPastel-2004-JimHarper2010 Nuts in a Crock
2010, oil pastel
Predawn-OilPastel-2000-JimHarper2010 Predawn
2010, oil pastel

Jim Harper Designs

Jim Harper Designs

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